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The Digital Underground Festival Spotlights Artist, Directors, Composers and creatives creating content in emerging technolgies.


Lester Francisco
VR Director

Lester Francois is a filmmaker working in VR. In 2017 he released the short VR documentary RONE which screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. The interactive version of RONE is premiered at this year’s SXSW, Canne Film festival and a host of other international film festivlas. This is the first episode in the VR arts doc series KINETIC.
Since making RONE Lester has made three more VR street art documentaries and was flown to South Africa to direct a series of short VR arts docs for an exhibition in Soho, London.
In addition to working in VR, Lester produced and directed the 2015 feature documentary GameLoading: Rise of the Indies and is currently developing a slate of TV projects across scripted comedy and factual.
Works Screening. RONE, Intermission, Wall to Wall & Feast your eyes.

Ed Bellamy
VR Director
Ed is a VR Director, DOP and pioneer in the feild. Working across 360 production for feature films like mission impossible 360 content. 2018 Commenwealth games 360. High End coropate VR series, VR interatives and short films alike. Ed has a background in the film industry and is an industry innovator.

Works Screening Night Shift, The Escape & Lake Mountain Track Lions.
Christian Mülhauser
A Swiss Director of Photography and his 360 VR works are stunning portraits of the increadable natural landscape in he area.
His ability to capture landscapes in motion gives the viewer a jaw dropping moment that the great outdoors and nature give us.

Works Screening Helvetia by Night & Into the Deep.

Simon Burgin
Interactive Experimental Motion Desinger.

Simon directs and develops interactive motion design for experiential design and art installations. Simon’s practice blends motion design, real-time interaction and creative technology to produce visually striking user experiences. He’s worked with many well-known brands and enjoys collaborating with musicians and creatives from other fields.
A recent AGDA interview with Simon is available here
Works Screening

Josh Mitchell
VR Audio Composer/Sound.
Works screening Lake mountain track lions & The Light.


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The Invisible Man
Ink and Colour

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Spotlight on Lesiter Francios
Wall to Wall
Feast your eyes

Program 3
Night Shift.
Ink and colour

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